"How to get out of debt and On Your Way To financial freedom”
Your Instructor:
Courtney Dyer
Financially Free Journey podcast host & Money Expert
Courtney Dyer
Financially Free Journey Podcast Host & Money Expert
What will I learn in this course?
Here's just some of the money lessons you'll learn:
Secret #1 - Tackle that pesky debt and eliminate it for good.
Secret #2 - How to accurately complete a spending diagnosis and identify your Impulse triggers.
Secret #3 - How To Budget Correctly To Gain Financial Freedom.
Secret #4 - How to calculate your net worth and understand your current financial health
Secret #5 - ways to generate multiple streams of income...NOW.
Secret #6 - create a strong financial plan to set you up for success.
Secret #7 - understanding your WHY so you can stay on track for the long run.
Secret #8 - retirement is a number, not an age. learn how to calculate your financially free number to achieve financial independence.
During this budgeting basics course, you will be able to not only learn what you need to do, but how to do it. You are provided with the tools and resources needed to take action!
So, if you want to get out of debt as quickly and painlessly as possible, as well as learn how you can achieve financial freedom, then you need to join the hundreds of students who have already taken action on their goals. 
WARNING: the class doesn't stay open forever. due to the ongoing, one-on-one support i give my students, space is limited. join now while the course is open and available for your to join!
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